Friday, December 30, 2011

~this moment~ Plan B

I need more moments like this one. We all need more moments like this one. Beach, baby, beautiful view, balmy weather, bliss. It's these moments we savor, sometimes with camera in hand and blog at finger tips. But more often than not in the quiet corners of a busy mind.

Busy. That's where I am right now. And that's where I need to be more and more. Busy with the kids. Busy learning new things. Busy with the boat. Busy with work. Busy with new projects. Yes, Cid... that project.

Here's the long and short of it, gears have shifted and the Master Plan has melted into Plan B. Master Plan had us casting off in 2012. But Master Plan had no second child. No baby-turning-into-toddler. No economic down turn. We had a hard time saying goodbye to Master Plan. He was very alluring. He led us on for a long time.

But Plan B understands all of these things. Plan B gets that cruising with a potty trained proto-human will be much better for mental health than cruising with a diaper wearing drunken sailor who is new to planet earth. Plan B gets that all that once-steady work can no longer be counted on and needs to turn into work that you make yourself so you don't need to depend on others. Plan B knows that stringing up new tramps and re-rigging the boat and painting on new non-skid with a tot is nothing short of maddening, especially when you have no Mary Poppins, no family support to take the kids even for an hour. So Plan B says exhale Plan B says create a new to-do list, keep your eye on the prize but don't make yourself crazy in the process. She says 2014 is ok. It will be no less fabulous.

So in the spirit of all that Plan B dictates that we blog less, sleep more, work harder, and find more of these moments. I won't be here regularly. But I will be here... more with the changing wind rather than with the rising tide. Quality over quantity. So dad, you'll need to log into Facebook to see more frequent updates about the kids :)

I hope my 2012 and yours are filled with moments of bliss. Yes, that is a good plan.
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