Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome Aboard -- The Galley

"Mom, sailors have a secret language. House people call it a kitchen. We call it a galley."

Photos taken in "reality mode". No glossy magazine yacht advertising here. This is what it looks like when you pop in for an unannounced visit.

And this is what breakfast prep looks like on many days. Me making eggs, Zach making music on the pots and pans.

Galley is on the port side with the guest room forward and the work room/ pantry aft.

Double sink with fresh water and salt water taps (we don't use the saltwater tap in the marina. Yuck!) Saltwater is for washing at sea, that way you save your fresh water for rinsing only.

One 3 burner propane stove & oven. Brand new this winter after our old one died on the coldest day of the year.

One small 12v marine refrigerator. Small by household standards, not bad by boat standards. It's a Frigoboat for you boat geeks. The freezer is actually bigger and sits above the galley in the salon.

One ridiculous microwave/ toaster combo. It's a power suck and we rarely use it except to defrost meat in a jiffy. It came with the boat and we plan to ditch it when we leave to go cruising as we run on solar power. We will use the space for needed food storage instead.

Our pots and pans nest and the handles pop off for easy storage and easier washing in the little sinks. It's a fabulous set that I would highly recommend to other boat people!

Fruit sits in a basket on the counter. Spices, condiments, cloth napkins, and tea live in cubbies above the counter.

That thing you see sticking out midships is one of our 37hp Yanmar engines. It becomes an extra counter space and nice, secure place to wedge yourself while underway.

The galley is one of the places we spend the least amount of time. I hate to cook. It has nothing to do with living on a boat, I just hate to cook. I try to make healthy meals, but when I have free time, I don't want to spend it in the kitchen. I have boat friends with MUCH smaller galleys who create crazy-from scratch-Martha Stewart-meals for huge groups of friends. It's totally possible for those who have the desire. I prefer pancakes and salad.


Next tour spot... the guest room... stay tuned.


Stuff On My Blog said...

Piratey pj pants... could you get any more perfect for a kid living on a boat! Love 'em :) I don't live on a boat, but those pans rock...I rather feel like I have about as much kitchen cupboard space as you do lately! lol

Red Charlotte said...

It's fascniating to see how others live aboard. We also have a small microwave that came with the boat that we plan to ditch when we go cruising. We use it for storage now :) Thanks for the tour.

africanaussie said...

Hi I would love to follow along with your adventures. For eighteen years (1980 -1998) we sailed the oceans with our two daughters. In fact my youngest was was born onboard. This brings back many happy memories. Enjoy that time with young Zach - time flies by so quickly.

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