Monday, September 07, 2009

Weekend Wonders

~The thrill of taking a watch~

~No wind means kid energy propells the boat~

~The peace of a perfect anchorage~

~Dinner is served~

~Father/son fishing lessons~

~Daddy scrubs the bottom~

~The simplicity of wind power~

~The joy of sailing along side friends~

~The hope that seagoing chrysalides will develop normally~
Here's hoping your weekend was wonder full too.


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Lovely glimpses of your weekend.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Looks lovely. Was the crab-trap incident the same weekend?
We're off to Port Angeles today. 40 miles across what can be a nasty patch of water. Looks peaceful today.

Kate said...

Ah, I can almost smell the saltwater on my skin! What a wonderful life you are living:)

Cam said...

Looks like you spent your weekend very wisely, friend!!

I love to kayak! Now that Dylan has become a much stronger swimmer over the summer, I look forward to taking him next year!

Hope your week is just as spectacular as your weekend!

Joy said...

Lovely weekend. I love the photo of Zach with his arms outstretched to the neighbors. :)

Stuff On My Blog said...

What a perfect looking weekend!

s/v Seven C's said...

It looks like you had such beautiful weather! We just spent the weekend on our boat, but the weather was a bit different than what I see here :)

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your post in our blog -I finally got to it and will be updating out blog more frequently.

Btw - loved the article that you wrote!

Masasa said...

I'm with seven c's. Totally jealous of your weather. It's only September and here we're already getting a taste of and getting our panties in a bunch over winter. It's supposed to be a REALLY cold one this year, and I believe it. I keep hoping we'll have a little rebirth of summer for a while later this month (fingers crossed, fingers crossed).

mitzi said...

So sweet. Love this post. Like a photoblog haiku.

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