Monday, June 13, 2011

it's raining friends

And when it rains, it pours. We had no less than 7 littles (NOT including Naia and Zach) and 4 accompanying adults visiting us this weekend. They stayed with or near us in various combinations of bed hopping and sleepovers and caravans. We swam and crabbed and ate and giggled and car pooled and water taxied and chatted and generally had an amazing time.
From Finn's non-stop chatter and sunny attitude... to Elizabeth's quiet explorations... to Joy's willing hands in grabbing Naia for me when I needed an extra helper... An Art Family temporarily became A Boat Family.
(Joy comandeeers the galley.)

Sweet Noah's strength and solid grounding was such a fabulous example to Zach. And Kirsten with her open, loving heart and easy going demeanor. And Ethan the wonder boy with his crazy expressive face and comic releif. We so enjoyed the Taylor family and we can't wait until their RV pulls into our neck of the woods again.

And our last visitor... well that's a whole other post...
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