Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh Dyneema how we long for your fibers. We are full of gratitude for being picked to be a part of the 2011 Dyneema Experience Team (and grateful to all of you who clicked over to help make it happen), but we're feeling like the slow kid on the bench who never gets in the game. We see Team Redan Ned and Team Panther and the rest of the teams racing around the sea with their fabulous new rigging and yet still we wait, surrounded by mildewing old line, dreaming of shiny ropes.
I know that rigging 40 boats is a monumental task. I know it's easier to get to the European teams first because you are a European company. I see the benefit in outfitting the sexy racers before the cruisers with tomato plants hanging off their stern and baby seats strapped in their cockpits. It's all a PR campaign afterall. And babies don't appeal to the machismo of the sailing world.
But we really need that rigging. We have big plans too. Of course by looking around here it may seem by glancing at our boat that the only testing of your rigging we'd do is to see how high the boy can swing.
But truly, if the line does indeed show up before, say, September... we promise to photograph it and color coordinate everything, and figure out how to splice the stuff, and yes - even go sailing (provided our mainsail shows up one of these days too. We're told it's stuck in customs, that's another story.)
Yes, sailing with both sails and no engine running. Dyneema asked us to write about our plans for the new rigging. And teams from all over are waxing poetic about winning races and circling the world. But here's the thing Dyneema, really, we just want to go sailing.
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