Thursday, June 30, 2011

sunset dinghy ride

It's been a long time summer tradition for our wee family to take the dinghy out well after dinner and putter around the creek or around town to see what we can see. Sometimes we make a new friend in the anchorage. Sometimes we spy a family of turtles our for a sunset swim. Sometimes we venture into town for ice cream. Sometimes we go and go for the sake of going.
So this last week we introduced Naia to the sunset family dinghy ride. Naia is still in the Weeble Wooble stage with her life jacket and only barely tolerated being in it at best. At 8 months old it's a full body experience and I appreciate how awkward it must be. She's a trooper, but her face says it all.
I was extra super proud of Zach who has become quite good at driving the dink. He's been taking the helm for a couple of years now, but in the past it was more like Mr. Toads Wild Ride. This time he helmed with confidence and ease, and steered us around obstacles and on course at a steady speed.
And of course, the ride served an extra purpose...

Ah yes, out cold.
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