Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the longest day

We cheated a little, morphing our birthday celebrations and solstice celebrations together. Zach kept talking about wanting to make a spiral of fire on the beach on his island. I am trying to figure out where he came up with this idea -- sort of a summer version of the winter garden spirals we've done at Waldorf festivals in the area maybe? So I packed a beach bag of votives and every jar I could fish out of recycling that week and our dear friend Kim helped me make the little spiral path.
Kim's family with her kids K & R were anchored out celebrating with us, and made the weekend joyful and easy. Watching the kids walk the spiral path, I wondered what they would remember of all of this.

These long sun soaked days of childhood, will they be lost in the short memory of adult life? How would they mark the changing of the seasons in years to come, without mom and dad around, out in the world on their own? Will they look back on these photos and snort and say, "crazy hippies!" Or will they come up with traditions all their own? Will they even notice the longest day as their days fill with this and that? I hope they at least pause and savor the sunset, appreciate the rhythm of our planet, and feel a little love from days long gone by.
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