Monday, June 27, 2011

mermaid island

Once a week we head to the island. Only this isn't actually an island in the sense of a body of land surrounded by water. It's actually just the beach and docks at a friend's house. But the kids have dubbed it mermaid island and we meet there once a week with a tribe of littles to spend the day fully immersed in sun and sand and sea. The mamas share homemade eats, bring their knitting or other projects, chat up a storm, and more often than not end up creating a kombucha tasting bar right there on the docks with a variety of takes on delicious home concocted varieties.

The kids, well, the kids go full tilt boogie. Most are pals from homeschooling with some sweet neighborhood kids thrown in the mix too. And they play with wreckless abandon. Splashing and swimming and digging and swinging and jumping and crabbing and every now and again they run over to the mamas for a dab of sunscreen or a sip of water or a quick bite to eat. And then they're off.
It feels like we're tucked away on an island, populated with friends and surrounded by endless summer.
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