Friday, August 03, 2012


This was going to be a post singing the praises of the Junior Ranger Program and all of its amazing opportunities for kids and families. That will come. But a funny thing happened on the way to earning his latest Junior Ranger badge.

We were at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore and before heading out to explore the fort with our ranger booklets in hand we decided to find a spot of grass and shade to have some food. Of course, Zach and his companions G and L quickly got bored with lunch and went wandering and scratching in the dirt like a flock of chickens. Once again, we mamas heard the cry of, "Look, look we found something! Artifacts!" And once again I was guilty of brushing it off. I was hot. I was trying to feed and chase a toddler. I figured they'd found, ya know, rocks.

White. Shiny. Shard shaped. Hmmmm. Sure looks like pottery. Hey kids, stop digging. Let's go find a ranger. My friend K was fabulous about keeping the kids enthusiasm in check while also protecting the grounds of a national park. Long story short, the kids discovered a previously undiscovered archaeological site at Fort McHenry. The rangers talked about what they had found and what else might be in that spot, and reminded them gently the site should remain undisturbed until their park archaeologists can examine it.

Between the arrowhead, and some artifacts he found on Wye Island this summer, and this... he's got a pretty good head start with a life in archaeology. And even if he becomes a music teacher instead or a pro-surfer or a chef, he'll have a lifetime of memories from his childhood of digging in the dirt.
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