Tuesday, August 21, 2012

mama hold you

This age is just too stinkin' cute. Pig tails and wide eyes and little earnest conversations. One of the things that melts me is when Naia feels scared about something (which is not very often, she is a tough cookie) she mumbles, "Mama's here, mama's here, mama's here." I love how she takes something I say all the time and uses it to comfort herself and give her confidence. Her other heart melting act is when she throws herself into my arms and says dramatically, "Mama hold you, mama hold you!" Pause for big snuggles.

Then when she's in busy toddler mode I watch her go through all kinds of mimicking, like nursing her toys (everything from turtles to hedgehogs to tea cups). Or when she grabs her keys and phone and heads to the door, "I going to work, bye bye".

Or she sees her brother head off fishing, and sets up her own fishing pond on the floor.

She still gets carried around in a Boba carrier, so she always asks, "Make pack-pack for my dollies pwease mama." So I tie a wee playsilk around her torso, and I stuff whatever little friends she requests back there. And it always amazes me how she'll spend half the day doing her thing with those babies on her back. I wonder where that comes from?


Amanda said...

I am loving this stage too, ever so much. As we approach 2, we hear more often "all by myself" as a protest at what she can do. And I wonder if I can as this season is so short, do it all by myself when she goes!

Charlotte said...

I can't believe how scrumptious she is!!

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