Thursday, August 23, 2012

ode to joy

A couple of weeks ago I went out on a secret mission. While it may have looked like we were traveling down south to see the in-laws... I was actually out to raid Joy's larder. You see, she keeps posting on her blog about all of the delicious, fresh, homegrown yummies she's been canning and stashing. And little old kitchen impaired me can only read and drool.

But Joy lives just 3 miles from my in-laws and she was away at camp with her daughter when we came to town, so I decided to swoop in and help myself to her provisions.

It started with a lovely morning hanging out with her way-cool husband Paul and their 3 boys at the local park.

Then I managed to talk my way over to their place and move in for the kill. Paul was kind enough to offer, so I didn't miss a beat. Peach salsa? Blackberry jam? Tomato sauce? Yes, yes, yes please and thank you!

Even though we should be all Little House about it and save the harvest for those dark days of winter, we couldn't resist the call of that blackberry jam. It started off on toast, but Naia decided eating it straight from the jar with fingers was far more efficient and delicious. All the while she was jibber jabbering the words from the book Jamberry.

Thank you Joy! And we'll be back...

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