Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The $1.50 Sheets

We were rummaging around Goodwill for something or another and I saw the yellow. Sort of a late 1960's looking flowery pattern on a  queen sized fitted and flat sheet. $1.50? Yes, please!

All that yardage gave me the perfect chance share the thrifted bed linen love. So I started making wee little pants. One after another the little yellowy orange flower power pants rolled off the sewing machine and I sent them to my boat baby pals. You see, I have this fantabulous tribe of mamas who, like me, are raising their kiddos afloat. We're in different parts of the world and have different boats and have come to this life for different reasons, but we all have a connection that's strong and true. Some of these amazing mamas I have met in person and some are friends across email/blog/etc. We all have one other thing in common, our little girls.

Naia, Cora, Kitty, and Gabrielle are all about the same age and have all been boat babies since birth. We have shared tips and tricks, trials and tribulations, ideas and dreams. And now upcycled bed sheet clothes.

I sent some pants to Cora (which you can see here), Kitty, and Gabrielle (which you can see here) last month. It was too stinkin' hot to make pants for Naia so I took a second try at dress making and came up with this.

It's this super easy pattern from Leila and Ben (which I modified by not putting elastic on the end of the sleeves.) I also added two little pockets that I cut up from some vintage hankies.

One thing I love about working with a bed sheet set is that I am not worried about trying new patterns or ideas because I know I have plenty of fabric to spare and I am not wasting money if I mess up. It's very freeing. There is still a lot of sheet left. Naia may be wearing yellow flowers for a long while.

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