Wednesday, August 08, 2012

sea legs

These lazy August days have been perfect for dinghy rides and sails on the good ship No Name. The weather is too hot for us weather wimps to unplug the big boat from the dockside air conditioning. Once it's below 90-something and have more than 5 knots of wind, we'll head out again. These slow days are perfect for Zach and his little boat. He still requires a chase boat when out on the sailboat, our creek is quite busy and he doesn't quite have the chops to negotiate the traffic yet. But he's been having fun finding his way and going out with more experienced friends while the paparazzi follows from a distance in case they need help.

(That pumpout boat weaves in and out of all the marinas on the creek, the smell should keep the boys clear of his path though.)
(Just one example of the busy boats on our waterway. This guy had his iPod headphones in, so I am not sure he was paying attention to other boaters all that much.)

Miss Naia confidently rides in the dinghy, walking about as if she were strolling on dirt. She sings and waves hi very enthusiastically to every passing boat and of course always wants to drive.

Sometimes I laugh thinking how most kids are learning to ride their bike through the neighborhood on their own. And most toddlers are learning balance by going to a My Gym class. And here we are with our own crazy version of childhood and growing up. Some people look at how we're choosing to raise our kids and asking why? I say, why not?

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