Monday, May 25, 2009

Compassionate Capitalist

It started with discovering this great little spice grinder while rummaging in the galley. He also scrounged up some whole nutmeg from our cluttered spice cubby and went to work (oh what a wonderful way to keep a little one busy).

It quickly evolved in to an entrepreneurial venture.

He cut some card stock with the "fancy scissors" and carefully scribed a thoughtful description of his wares.
Scooped in to bags, tied up, and ready for sale!

Our first customer naturally was our gregarious dock neighbor G who played along magnanimously and even sealed the deal with a business like hand shake. Zach suggested multiple uses for his ground nutmeg, including "sprinkle it on your coffee or ice cream or put it in your sock drawer so it will make everything smell better."

All of this for the bargain basement price of $.0.05 -- that's right just one nickel. Z is stuck on all things 5 lately with his 5ht birthday looming on the horizon.

One customer gently suggested charging more -- explaining the idea of production costs versus profit. Zach listened carefully and swiftly answered, "But I want poor people to be able to buy some too. So I will keep it 5 cents."

So what is our compassionate capitalist saving for? A bag of M&M's from the local cafe. The amount of nutmeg he's burning through could buy a whole lot of M&M's, but mama just smiles at the process and tries not to think about the profit loss. Whatever happened to a simple lemonade stand?


Amanda said...


Nicole said...

oh my goodness!! what a clever little guy!! <3

Holly Noelle said...

What a lucky little boy to have a wise, relaxed mama. Some parents would get right in there and tell him how to do it "right." It's nice to see a mother who knows better!

mamafliz said...

What a great guy :-) I love reading your son has just turned five and has many similar adventures and insights. Thank you for letting us peek into your world!

Lily Boot said...

isn't it funny how small children are such natural entrepeneurs. My little girl was always coming up with things to make and sell - but none as practical as ground nutmeg. :-)

Em said...

Awesome! What a great guy to care about the 'poor people'! You MUST know you're doing a great job raising him!

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