Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Night Visitor

I'm sitting by the dim glow of the laptop in the main salon, little boy asleep beside me, and I notice a shadow. Usually it means a person walking by, momentarily blocking out the unnaturally bright dock light. But this shadow is slow and awkward. I look up and there he is. The largest great blue heron I have ever laid eyes on. Daintily strolling up our dock as if he were trying to find a certain boat to visit. He's easily taller than Z. I grab my camera and slink over to the door, we lock eyes, I fumble with lens cap, he takes to the night sky. My heart is still thumping. I love living on the water.


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

It sounds like an enchanted little moment between you two...

I bet he was a majestic creature to see.

Nicole said...

wow! how amazing! i would have loved that! i get giddy enough over the mourning doves that made a nest outside our window right now!! tee hee.

Seven C's said...

Fantastic! What a wonderful experience. The way you describe it, I feel like I was watching it myself.
I hope you don't mind - I added a link to your blog in ours:
I will remove the link if you wish.


boatbaby said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words Seven C's (now I get it, seven people in your family. I am a little slow)
And welcome aboard!

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