Monday, May 18, 2009

Tea For Two

I have a secret. I don’t do this parenting thing all by myself. Aside from my husband, I have helpers. They’ve been around since the toddler days and have changed with the times, but I couldn’t have made through many a rough day without them. Their names are Rufus Rumplebottom, Matilda Maple, The Queen of England, and Harley Buckle.

They arrive when mama either isn’t able to make things happen or simply needs a break. Z may not brush his teeth when I ask him to, but when Harley Buckle steps in, he happily goes with the flow. Sometimes it seems like a monumental task to get the boy dressed and out the door, but Rufus Rumplebottom manages with ease. And Matilda Maple can explain away those unexplainable things and even out talk this non-stop talker.

Lately Z’s been spending a lot of time with the Queen. And one day he got this idea that he really wanted to have tea with the Queen, not just regular tea, but High Tea. And he wanted it make it and serve it himself. One problem... we didn’t have a proper tea set. After browsing the internet and toy store options, I was told that none were fit for the Queen.

So we did what anyone expecting royalty would do. We went to Goodwill. Rows and rows of mismatched and long forgotten china just waiting to be snatched up at $0.50 pop. He picked out the perfect set, stripes and flowers and gold and blue, and finally had a proper High Tea with The Queen.

The Queen is delighted to report that the boy handled the boiling water and tea steeping with grace and dignity, although she tried not to notice when he stuck his fingers in the sugar bowl for a lick.

Whoever said all those years in drama classes would get me nowhere was clearly not a parent.


Breeze said...

Pretty tea pots! Great idea!


Lily Boot said...

gorgeous names! and what a lovely idea - tea with the queen. And indeed, it must have been the queen because she is famous for not commenting when guests display unusual table graces :-) p.s. have you read The Tiger who came for Tea - by Judith Kerr - it's oh so english and very amusing.

Cat said...

Love it...the "helpers", the tea, all of it :)

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