Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Sally!

Z: "Mama, today is Sally's birthday."

Me: "Oh, Sally's birthday is May 5th?"

Z: "No. Her birthday is on the day when the spring leaves aren't baby leaves anymore and they start to become big."

Me: "Ok. Then it's time for a party!"

Sally is a ghost friend. She hangs out with us a lot. But she's not alone, usually Duke the Alien, Timbones the Skeleton, and Cheesey the Mouse who hangs out on top of Zach's head (his constant reason for putting food in his hair) are all part of her entourage. But make no mistake, Sally is queen.

Z is very open about his imaginary friends. Some adults smile and nod slowly with a worried look (must be that terribly lonely only child on a boat syndrome). Others laugh and recount their special friends from childhood.

I don't remember having any imaginary friends as a little one. But the day that Z introduced me to Sally I got a familiar feeling. A part of me wants to think that Sally is my mom who died long before Z was born, and she's getting in her grandson time. And part of me thinks I just have a sweet boy with an active imagination.

Happy Birthday Sally! (whoever you are)


Erin J said...

He reminds me of Paul in Anne of Avonlea. I hope when my little boy is four his imagination is so active! Good job Mama for celebrating Sally's birthday. Happy Birthday Sally. :)

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Sally!

How fun and awesome is that :)

Michele said...

Well if Sally cooks the best food ever, gives incredible hugs and has amazing Mama-dar then it is definitely Martha coming back to see Zach. I can't wait to meet her!!

Kim C in NC said...

Kiki Marie Monkey is the invisible yet very, VERY real friend that my son Jake has. She is so real that I caught myself in a store the other day thinking,"Oh! Kiki would LOVE this!" LOL She's been around since late 2003. She hails from Monkey Island.

My boys (Jake-almost 9 and Zack-almost 6) wish Sally a very Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

just so wonderful- I can only imagine the joy it will bring you to share these stories together someday! Tell Zach we say Happy Birthday Sally !!

boatbaby said...

Thank you all for the sweet wishes!
KimCinNC - that is really funny! You are obviously really tuned in to your kiddos.
Michele -- you made me all teary. Stop it you.

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