Sunday, May 03, 2009

Growing Roots

Liveaboards are the butt of an old joke about sitting in your slip so long without going for a sail that grass starts growing on the bottom of your boat.

Well we intend to sail quite a bit this season, but we want to do some growing at the same time.

With the impending move to our new larger dock space (will they EVER finish the construction?!) we're starting some dock side gardening. We'll need all the magic we can muster (love the little magic garden set below from ImagineChildood) because the ducks will all be laughing as our little floating family attempts to make something grow. Not our forte. We're trying basil, tomatoes, chives, and lavender.

It's all about striking a balance. Hopefully we can grow roots and keep moving all at the same time.


Annette said...

Thanks so much for the link to the Magic Seeds-- very cute! As usual, you all look like you're having a fabulous time.

sunnymama said...

Growing roots and keeping moving at the same time sounds perfect!

mamaroots said...

can't wait to see what pops up for you guys- thanks for the link to those magic garden markers- I think I am going to have to order some!

Did you make that sweet little bag in the first picture- adorable!

boatbaby said...

mamaroots -- I did make the bag. My very humble attempts at sewing. It's actually a tea towel from the Dollar Store folded over and sewed with embroidery floss & closed with a wooden button from etsy.

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