Tuesday, October 11, 2011

boat show

This week was that time we anticipate all year long. Boat Show time is play time, meet & greet time, geek out time, savor the beautiful last gasps of lovely weather time, it's just a really fun time of year.

This year as with all boat show years past we got to hang out with all kinds of like minded sailors who made their way here from near and far for the show. Our RV traveling pals from Puzzled rolled into town and will be hanging with us all month long (hooray!). And the sweet and lovely Tig & Serena came down from Boston to take in some seminars at the show and visit with us. Their kids are so mellow and sweet and it was fun getting to meet part of our very small east coast posse of liveaboard families with little kids. And of course my pal Cidnie gets the Bold Mama award for jumping into her car with her 17 month old and driving out from Texas - just the two of them. Go Cid!

Kitty is scrumptious and Naia was completely fascinated by her and equally adored Cidnie, so much so she let her adorn her cherubic face with these awesome Jackie-O shades. Cid did a whirlwind tour of Annapolis but we loved having her in person for the short while we got to hang out and catch up.
Boat Show get togethers are fast and fun filled, but my real wish is to be sharing a slow sunset and a cold drink in a warm anchorage somewhere with these folks someday.
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