Monday, October 10, 2011

getting ready

I will catch up on all of the fun we've had this past week with the Boat Show and visitors from near and far, but first I need to recover from all that fun. We've been in work hard play hard mode over here!

The last few night though I have been burning the midnight oil making a few little gifts for my sweet girl who I can  not BELIEVE is going to be 1 in a few days!

The greatest thing about crafting things for 1 year olds is that you can do it in the day time too if you catch a moment because there's no need to hide it from them! Zach stayed so sweetly naive to gift making for such a long time (probably until about 5) I hope she's the same way for at least a few years.
I hand sewed the ball using left over 100% wool felt from the stash I got when she was born and I made that soft block. (It's the Summer Spark collection from A Child's Dream Come True).
And I bought a few extra sheets of wool felt in larger sizes to attempt my first try at a birthday crown. I bought Zach's crown on etsy, and it SEEMS like an easy enough project so I am going for it. I used this pattern from Juicy Bits and searched all over etsy and blogs for inspiration. So far it seems to be coming along easy enough, but I still haven't attempted the dolphin yet (all of my dolphin cut outs last night looks like ink blots) and I am worried about machine sewing it all together (that machine doesn't like me!) and getting the elastic band right. Wish me luck!
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