Tuesday, October 25, 2011

drunken sailor pants

I followed a pattern. As in a sewing pattern with the sewing machine. Oh yes, there was swearing and drinking and seam ripping galore (by no fault of the pattern, just my brain). And thus if you were to really examine these little pants, they have a bit of what looks like a drunken sailor swagger to the stitching. So, just don't look that close, ok?
Because from a healthy distance they are pretty cute. And they fit for the most part. And my almost walking drunken sailor of a girl loves cruising around in these pants. So far two pairs.
But it's become addicting. So there will be more, especially in the Folksy Flannel which is warm and cozy and holds up so well to baby crawling action.
This was all part of a master plan actually. Back when I was pregnant with Naia I was looking all over for some receiving blankets. In a hormonal streak I remember not liking anything I saw. Too pink. Too cutesy. Too blah. So I decided instead to buy a few one yard cuts of really nice flannel and wrap her in those as a newborn, knowing that one day those same swaddles would become something cute to wear for my girl.
If you're curious, this is a sweet easy pattern from Made By Rae called the Big Butt Baby Pants. I tried originally making the Anna Maria Horner reversible baby pants from Handmade Beginnings, but honestly it was just too hard for a rookie. Just reading the steps made my eyes cross and my head spin. So I gave that book and those patterns to SuperJen and searched for an easier one, and the Made By Rae pattern gave me all of the cuteness with none of the dizzy feeling.

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