Thursday, October 27, 2011

oh shenandoah

Last year Naia was a wee sprite at 3 weeks old when we headed to the mountains for a little get away.
We couldn't resist a repeat trip this year too. And our pals from Puzzled joined us which made it all the sweeter! It was a time for exploring and hiking and romping and sleep overs and camp fires and board games and good meals and majestic views.

It's funny how our little family, nestled here on the Bay surrounded by great blue herons and crabs and water snakes and a forest of masts gets such a kick out of the mountains. It's truly a novelty for us and especially for Zach who was waxing poetic at every turn and taking in each detail, noting how very different it was from home.
(mama the mountain looks like it's on fire with colors!)

And what a difference from last year, my girl growing and curious and taking it all in. Even though Doug and I often look at each other and laugh when we realize how laden we are when we travel now, how many bags are packed, how much space is taken up in our wee Honda Civic with diapers and stuffed animals and extra changes of clothes and books and snacks -- oh so far from our 10 minute stuff a backpack grab the dog and go days of yore. This is what visiting new places is all about now. These little people. It's worth all the luggage,


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