Sunday, April 12, 2009

Check Out My Thumbs!

Living on a boat I like to joke that our "gardening" involves feeding the ducks, scooping up the grass shrimp for bait, and counting jellyfish. And we like it that way. We have a lovely, large yard and gardens at the marina that we don't have to take care of. And we have woods all around us as well. Things grow and they don't depend on us to thrive.

But alas, my son has a yearning to garden. Last summer we bought some cheap herb kits at the grocery store -- and the little buggers never peeped out of the moistened soil pellets. I have never made anything grow so my hopes this spring were thin.

We bought some grass seeds and tried planting them in a basket (got the idea from Little Acorn Learning's free lesson) And it worked! We actually made something GROW on the boat! I officially have a green-ish thumb.

Then we went to a natural egg dying workshop at SERC (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center) and from cabbage and tumeric and onion skins and blueberries and beets made this beautiful set of easter eggs.

We put them together and VOILA!

Now that our thumbs have had a taste of green we got all carried away and gave Zach a bundle of boat sized gardening supplies for easter.

Who knows - we may even grow something edible! Ok, I won't get carried away... but I love that Zach is getting some kind of dirt dwelling, soil squishing, seed sprouting love even while living afloat.



Chris Worthy said...

Love those natural egg dyes!

suna said...

I'll try the natural dyes next year, but my grass grew tall and green.

boatbaby said...

Thank you! I love the dyes too, and I think I might try them with play silks next!

Anonymous said...

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