Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chime in...

We interrupt this child centered blog for an announcement:

If you are reading this -- I need your advice.

I am working on an story for a sailing magazine about the ups and downs of living aboard. And I am stuck. I think the problem is, I have been living aboard SOsoSOso long (11 years now) I don't know what's interesting about it to non-boat people. I am too deep in my own little world. It's all so routine to me. And that's a pretty broad topic to cover.

So please chime in with your comments -- it you were reading an article about the ups and downs of living on a boat -- what would you want to hear about? What are you curious about? What's obvious and what's not?

gracias! merci! thanks y'all!


Shadowmoss said...

I'm reading your blog to get a sense of what day to day life is like on a boat. The pics of the inside are nice, showing how Zach's things are stored. You might do a 'day in the life' kind of thing. Another is how do you deal with potable water and sewage? Laundry? Heat/Cold outside vs. comfortable inside? Cabin fever during long stretches of bad weather? Social life, either too much from living where others go to vacation or not enough interaction with 'neighbors'. Transient lifestyle, either with the other people around you or your own lifestyle, how relationships outside of your family are or are not forged?

At least these are the questions I personally have. :)

Erin J said...

I find your blog fascinating and I have so many questions! I have never even BEEN on a boat like yours, much less lived there.

How often are you at a dock versus going somewhere? Are you always at the same dock? How do you handle residency? Mail? Voting? When you do go, where do you go and for how long? Do you prefer being at a port or on the open sea?

Do you have a car? Have you ever traveled to land-locked locations like Mt. Rushmore?

What kind of work do you/Hubby do to support living on a boat and can you leave it to sail away to somewhere else?

How many square feet is the living space? Is it comparable to living in an RV? I have seen many of your pics and they are so cool, particularly the family bed, table etc. I'd love to see the kitchen (galley?) and such as well. Maybe a pictorial tour? I guess I picture living in a large RV as my only source of reference.

boatbaby said...

Thank you Shadowmoss & Erin J
Your opinions truly do help me out! I was able to at least outline my article and it's good food for thought for the blog.
I will let ya know when the article runs.

Masasa said...

I'm always interested when you talk about the community. I'm interested in what a community of a bunch of folks living on boats is like. How you help one another out? How you annoy one another? How your community is unique because you all are in boats, etc.

Cat said...

I'm new to your blog and I love it!! I think the way that you raise your son in such a small space, yet Waldorf style is extremely inspiring. Most of us don't the first thing about living on a boat, so I would love to read an article that is "dumbed down" to us landlubbers.
Again, love the blog!!

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