Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More New Neighbors

Our docks are under construction and barges have been all around us all winter and spring. But this morning we noticed something a little different out on the top of the crane.

Mama and Papa osprey happily doing what birds to in the spring, building a nest.

Zach and I idled the morning away sitting in the sawdust of the the newly constructed docks, watching the papa osprey fly back and forth, back and forth bringing in sticks for his nest while mama osprey squawked away.

Zach held up some sticks of his own hoping -- as only the heart of a 4-year old could -- that the papa osprey would swoop down and grab a stick right from his little hands.

Now here's the cliffhanger. Apparently, it's against the law to disturb or remove an osprey nest. So one might wonder what exactly the construction company plans to do about this particular predicament. We were speculating that somehow in the middle of the night that osprey nest might disappear mysteriously. I hope however they handle it, they do it with care.


Mama_Amethyst said...

Was the nest still there this morning? Zach seems so sweet. He's really tuned in to nature. Hopefully, his desire to help other species will only deepen as he ages. You are so blessed to get to take care of him.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just found your blog and what an adventure you are living! It looks like heaven for a little boy.

boatbaby said...

The nest mysteriously disappeared as predicted. I asked around and I was told they moved it before eggs were laid and that make it ok.


The osprey are mad as heck and keep swarming around, squawking up a storm. I hope they abandon the crane idea and find a nice, safe, quiet place to have their babies.

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