Saturday, April 11, 2009

Z's Point Of View

Zach told me this was his "sculpture" and that he wanted me to take pictures of it.

So I also did a little interview with the artist.

Mom: What did you make here?
Zach: I wrapped wool around the coral. It reminded me of Hawaii because my grandpa has sheep and he is near the ocean.
Mom: So tell me about this one (the one pictured above)
Zach: This one is like me on the beach, with ocean water all around.
Mom: And what about this one? (below)
Zach: This one is my grandpa on the beach. These are grandpa's colors.
Mom: Anything else?
Zach: I like doing this because it's so handy. The soft wool sticks to the prickies of the hard coral.

And this was something Zach noticed when we were walking in the woods. He stopped breathlessly and said, "Mom! A Dragon! Shhhhhh, give me your camera and I will take a picture of it so everyone will believe I really saw a real dragon. For real!"

I love the way he looks at the world.


Anonymous said...

Jasper would love that dragon! I love Zach's sculpture!

L~ said...

very cute!

RunninL8 said...

Wow! Amazing dragon!

Siayla said...

Love the coral creations and the interview to go along with it too. So wonderful! And that lucky are you to see a real dragon. I have been searching but alas have not seen one yet ;)

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