Sunday, April 05, 2009

Outside In

Perfect recipe for quiet fun.

A rainy day. A plastic container from the galley. Rocks, moss, and shells from outside.
Sprinkle in a generous helping of rainwater (and one dead bug for flavoring).

Bring inside. Add one curious child, a few odds and ends, and lots of imagination.

Sit back and enjoy the free time while your little one explores.

Islands, mountains, volcanoes, boats, huts, farms, planets... you wouldn't believe how many things this little play scape became.

Who needs tv/ videos on a rainy day?

(idea taken from the fabulous book Earthways by Carol Petrash)


thepurplecanoe said...

Thanks for the book link...

...and the inspiring post!

Siayla said...

This looks like such amazing fun!

boatbaby said...

You can probably find the book at your local library. That's what I did and then scanned the activities we liked to save for later.

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