Monday, April 11, 2011

big little helper

When chatting with strangers about the baby and the age spread between the two kids I always joke that all new babies should come with 6 year old helpers. Every single day Zach amazes me with his ability and willingness to help around the boat and help with Naia. I try so hard not to take it for granted or let it go unappreciated.

It's the little things like bringing me a clean diaper, keeping her happy (as only he can) when I need to finish making dinner, reading to her if I need to make an important phone call, and just generally loving all over her. But then there are the bigger things, like sensing when I am losing my battle with getting out the door on time and keeping my sanity and saying in his little voice, "Mommy, how can I help?" The way he brings me water when I'm nursing. The way he picks up his room the first time I ask, or sometimes even before I ask. The way he runs up to the marina office to pick up our packages and bring them back to the boat or out to get the mail. He begs me to let him do the dishes, but I worry about running out of water in one afternoon :)

But the most recent helping act truly floored me. I heard him down in the galley as I was getting Naia ready for a day out at the museums. My mama instinct said, "He's smeaking brownies for breakfast, grrrrrrr!" But when I went down there I found him making sandwhiches and cutting cucumbers. "I'm packing our lunch for the museum mama. That way we can get going on time and you don't have to worry."
It was the best lunch I ever had.
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