Thursday, April 07, 2011

Poo Pops (tutorial and a giveaway!)

Hey kids, wanna play with poo? Who could resist an offer like that? My pal SuperJen certainly couldn't as she loves to get her hands dirty and jumped in to help us make seed bombs/ seed pops/ poo balls/ poo pops -- whatever you want to call them.

There are a few different recipes for these floating in cyberspace, we followed one and then improvised. Roughly here's what you will need:

Red Clay (powdered or just clay)
Worm castings (worm poo) or compost
seeds (flower or herb)
lollipop sticks if you do the pops
We mixed 2 parts clay to 2 parts poo to 1 part seeds and 1 part water. In the end we found we needed more poo and way more seeds to get it right. You massage it all together until it feels soft and plyable like play dough.
Then roll them into little balls. We made the flower seed mixture into the seed bombs and the herb seeds (we did chives) into the poo pops. Put the lollipop sticks in while they are moist. Once you are done rolling let them dry in the sun for at least a day.
Once they dry and harden you are ready for action. Jen stamped these little baggies to put the seed bombs in for gifting. The idea is to just toss the bombs into any are that you feel needs a little flower power. The clay will break on impact or break down in the rain, the poo or compost will fertilize you seeds which will sink into the earth and grow. Keep some in your bag and throw them everywhere! Guerilla gardening!
With the herb poo pops, we wrapped them in tissue paper like real lollies for gifting. Just unwrap and pop into a small pot of soil. Then in no time your herb garden will be growing around you lolli stick.
The fine folks over at Soul Flower sent me a load of seeds this week as a happy spring gift, and I want to share the love. Post a comment here telling me your favorite item over at Soul Flower and I'll pick a comment at random to win the pile-o-seeds, a baggie of seeds bombs, and some poo pops. I'll close comments on Friday night and post the winner Saturday morning. 
Happy Spring!
COMMENTS CLOSED - and the winner generated by is!  CHRIS (MamaRoots!)
I'll put your pops and bombs and seeds in the mail on Monday. Thanks everyone for playing along!
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