Monday, April 18, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Noah & Lilah

Get ready to gasp as you feast your eyes on these crazy cute clothes for kids from Noah & Lilah.
Sherri only started sewing 2 years ago! Talk about inspiration not to give up on sewing! Here's how she got started:

"When pregnant with Lilah, I wanted to learn to sew and so I took a class at Joann's and we made a pillowcase. I was hooked. That same week I signed up for one more class (an apron), bought a machine, fabric and patterns and went to work. Other than those two classes, I'm self-taught. Another big motivator was quilting. I started finding all these amazing modern quilting blogs and started to become obsessed and finding tons of quilts that I *had* to make. Which l led to a fabric obsession as well. Ironically, I have so many quilts I've started and not finished because I get so busy with the shop. I have poor nieces and even a son and daughter that are still waiting on quilts from me. Soon!"

She has the best fabric combos with such sweet, classic designs. I asked her what inspires her work:

"Lots of things - mostly my kids. Noah and Lilah really is about simple, modern clothes that aren't overly frilly. Not that there isn't a place for that for some kids, but it's just not *me*. Which of course means that Lilah will probably be the girliest of girly-girls, but that's okay too. If there's one thing that these kids have taught me, it's that often what we think is best or what they really want is so far off from what really *is* best for them, and often taking a few steps back and remembering that they really are just little people perfectly capable of making their own choices (and all that goes with it - making mistakes and learning from them!). They remind me of that often, and I've learned more from them in the last five years than I ever have doing anything else in life. "
Sherri is generously offering a $25 gift certificate to her shop to one lucky winner. Just click on over to Noah & Lilah and leave a comment here telling what you love about the shop. Get an additional entry by becoming a fan on Facebook. But wait, there's more (I've always wanted to say that) if you buy something from the shop between now and the end of the week (Sunday) put in the code BOAT20 and get 20% off your purchase!
Comments are closed. Winner announced within the hour. closed Thursday night (I will keep comments open until the end of the day and announce a winner tonight.) and winner announced on Friday. Thank you Noah & Lilah!
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