Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a good mystery

This is Bo.
(Bo being attacked by lemurs in Madagascar.)

He's what I like to call an International Man of Mystery. He travels around the world  "programming computers" (winkwink - sure Bo). He and I go wayyyy back so he's kind of like funny Uncle Bo to Zach. Bo is an extremely cool guy and all around good human, not just because he brings me rum from exotic locations. But because he remembers that Zach LOVES coins and has brought back currency from every corner of the globe for Z.
I made Zach a little bag over the holidays to keep his collection safe.
So we decided it was time to sort the collection and see where Bo's been these past few years. With some glue dots and some research we were able to match nearly all of the coins to a country.
(He stays happy sorting his coins. She is happy playing with a random piece of rope found on the grass.)

(coins matched to places!)
Almost all of them. There are a few we're still struggling with. But there is one that is just plain stumping me. I even tried texting a photo to Bo to see if he remembered. No luck because my camera on my cell phone stinks and Bo is off somewhere being mysterious. So I am putting out to you all. Can you tell us where this coin is from?
(front and back view of myster coins...)
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