Tuesday, April 12, 2011

half way round the sun

Just a one day shy of her 6 month birthday Miss Naia is in full tilt exploration mode. While she is unable to crawl yet (and thoroughly miffed about that fact) she wants to goo-gaa at everyone who will meet her gaze, she's an unapologetic flirt (practically got engaged to a man on the metro last week), and loves nothing more than to be sung to. The camera mystifies her and dogs make her kick her feet with glee.

To celebrate her big half year milestone, she tasted her first food... beach sand. Ah, yes. After a good long while just squishing and squeezing and sifting the stuff... (I wanna do everything HE does!)
She decided she couldn't resist a taste.
Who me? No of course I wasn't eating sand. Why would you ask?
My sweet, smiley, silly girl.

(this post was especially for grandpa who said, "I wanna see more of my grand daughter's face!")
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