Thursday, April 28, 2011

it takes a marina

The marina is our village. The village bobs and shifts and changes with the wind, but the bonds are rock solid.
Take for example our dock neighbor Miss G. She's an art teacher. Zach is a drawing machine. He sees her coming home after a long day in the public school trenches and pounces on her. "Do you want to come over and see my latest drawing?" She's never said no.
The other day he busted out his whole portfolio of ship drawings from the last 2 years. And she sits. And she listens. And she takes the time to notice his detail and encourage his ideas. Never did I hear that generic "good job!". She found something original to say about every drawing. Lucky kids at her school.
Then the next day she brings by extra drawing paper and images that she thinks may inspire him. I am not sure how people can get along without community. I am so grateful.
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